What is a Tarot Reading?

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Have you ever wondered what a tarot card reading is? When talking about psychics and psychic readings, it’s difficult not to bring up the subject of tarot cards and tarot readings. They tend to go hand in hand.

Some psychic offer tarot card reading as a part of their service, and there are others who ficus or specialize in the tarot.

This article will help you understand what the tarot cards are. Then you can gain a better understanding of what an actual tarot card reading is.

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History of the Tarot Cards

Before we can discuss what a tarot reading is, we must discuss what tarot cards are. Tarot cards are a series of 78 cards, split into Minor and Major Arcana. There are four suits among the Minor Arcana that each carries specific meanings and numbers that carry specific meanings. The Major Arcana are unique cards that together represent a journey when viewed one after the other.

These cards can begin to be identified as used starting in the mid-15th century. They have been used both to play games and as a divination tool. The tarot that most people commonly use now is based on the Rider-Waite deck, which was published in 1910. This deck is used by many readers as it carries a lot of symbolism and provides a great deal of material to read. Many modern tarot decks are based on this deck, utilizing similar symbology.

A tarot reading is a type of divination called cartomancy. Cartomancy is any divination that utilizes cards. Different readers will use the cards differently, but there are a few basic facts that remain consistent across tarot readings.

The Basics of Tarot Cards

Tarot readings utilize the cards as a method of channeling psychic powers. Some readers will be channeling spirits, divinity, or their own powers through the cards. Others believe the cards have a mind of their own and are the ones answering questions through which cards are drawn. Either way, cards are drawn and then “read”.

There are two ways of reading; both are equally valid and different readers will use different methods. Some readers have studied the cards for a long time and memorized their meanings. There are general meanings that can be memorized and recalled with each card. They also have likely worked with their deck to discover it’s particular meanings and quirks. They utilize these memorized meanings to and integrate the different messages with each other and the meanings of the positions of the cards to provide a reading.

The other way of reading ends the same – the reader interprets the meaning of the cards in relation to each other and their positions. However, the method of understanding the meaning of the cards is different. This is called an intuitive reading. Rather than memorizing the meaning of the cards, the reader pulls the cards and pays attention to what symbolizing jumps out at them in that specific reading, and uses that as the meaning of the card.

In Conclusion

Tarot reading is a great talent that utilizes a well-made divination system to help psychics better help their clients. A tarot reading is a great reading to go to if you want to participate in the meaning-making and understanding; oftentimes, tarot readers will tell you what the symbolization is, and you will understand what that means to you! It’s less specific and more specific than other types of readings at the same time because you get a lot of symbolic information that isn’t specific, but you are given the opportunity to understand it in your own context.

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