Are Spirits Trying to Contact You?

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Are Spirits Trying to Contact You? Maybe you’re afraid, nervous. Maybe you even feel silly thinking it in the first place. But for whatever reason, you have the question coming back to you again and again. Well we are here to help. We have compiled a list of ways to identify whether that feeling is just your imagination or a real, certified spirit trying to get in touch. Read on to find out more.

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Maybe you are afraid. Maybe nervous. Maybe you even feel silly thinking it in the first place. But for whatever reason, you have the question coming back to you again and again: are spirits trying to contact you? We’re here to help with our list of ways to identify whether that feeling is just an imagination of your mind or a real, certified, spirit trying to get in touch.

Be skeptical!

The number one way to confirm whether a spirit is trying to contact you is to not believe it is trying to contact you. You must come from a place of skepticism, otherwise, every little thing is going to seem like a sign of a spirit. Did that coffee cup get knocked over by grandma, or was it maybe sitting a little precariously on the shelf to begin with? Make sure your signs are real signs and not just random events. Usually, if you are skeptical, something very obvious will come along to end your skepticism. Wait for that moment before you truly believe you are being contacted.

You want the signs to repeat themselves, as spirits have generally channeled their energy to perform that specific sign. For instance, a spirit who turns on your TV will continue to try to contact you through that same method.

Try vocal contact first.

Before you move forward with any other forms of contact which take greater effort, you can attempt vocal contact to identify that there is a spirit with you. This is best done in polite ways. Say hello when you have a sign or sensation that the spirit is with you. Ask a question if you think of one. Signs that a spirit is present should ramp up at this point because you give it more power through recognition.

If any of these signs turn violent, begin to ignore the spirit immediately. Do not communicate and perform a cleanse of your space and yourself. Contact a professional if the spirit’s communication has not ended after your cleanse.

Try dream contact.

If you are someone who remembers your dreams, you can take this next step. Even if you don’t often remember your dreams you can try this step and see if something sticks out!

Before you go to sleep, invite the spirit to speak to you. Close your eyes and lie down. Completely empty your thoughts. Try to clear your mind. If you are having trouble focus only on thinking “In, out” along with your breathing.

When you fall asleep, the spirit may try to contact you. When you wake up in the morning, write down everything you can remember. See if there are any identifying factors for someone that you know who has passed. See if there is any clear message in the dream. There may only be one or the other of these things. Keep this in mind as you move forward.

Try divination tools.

If you are not satisfied with your communication thus far or want to clarify some of the things that the spirit has said, there are some divination tools that you can use. I suggest tarot, a pendulum, or scrying.

Tarot works best if you have some knowledge of the cards, but if you are a visual person it is possible to intuitively understand what the cards are telling you. Use a website that has a couple of keywords to guide you along if you are new to it.

Pendulums are more friendly to beginners. Take a piece of paper, and hold the pendulum over it. Clear your mind, then ask the spirit simple “Tell me what yes is,” then draw the direction the pendulum moves. Repeat this again for no and maybe. This way you can ask specific yes or no questions of the spirit. This really only works if you have steady hands, as shaking will disrupt the message.

The third option is scrying, which is good for beginners who are able to clear their minds well. If you can clear your mind, get a scrying mirror or bowl (this can simply be a black bowl with water in it). Turn off the lights and get close enough that the mirror or bowl is almost the only thing in your vision. With a clear mind stare into it and see what the spirit shows you. This will be somewhat similar to the dream method, except that you are awake and in more control.

Contact a psychic.

The final step, if you are still unsatisfied, is to talk to a professional psychic. If you can’t do it on your own, it’s okay; that’s why people do this for a living. Make sure you are talking to the real deal, and not a fraud. Once you have a good psychic, there are a couple of things you can do to help them help you.

Keep track of everything in the previous steps – the signs the spirit gave you, your dreams, your results from divination. The psychic may not want you to give them this information right away, however deeper into the session you can bring these factors up to focus the reading on the spirit you believe is around you.

The spirit, if it wants to communicate with you, will probably be very talkative now that you have given someone with the skill to let them through.

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