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Hi, and welcome to True Psychic Advice .com is a psychic network that was established in 1999. They are a large network with psychics constantly available offering many of the specialties you will find with others.

One of the most notable issues with is their lack and screening for their psychic readers. This may mean more work for you when trying to find the best psychic reading.

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After all, isn’t it time you received some true psychic advice? Rivals its Peers


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One of the biggest pros is the sheer size of the network. While this can mean some work on your part in finding the right psychic, it gives plenty of options for finding the perfect personality and combination of specialties that you want from your psychic, and this is important in getting a good reading. It also means that there is almost always someone suitable for you online.

Another feature they have that is great is the callback appointments feature. This means that if a psychic you want is currently in a call, you can set up an appointment so that they call you when they are available again. This allows you to get the person you want.

A variety of price ranges is also a great feature. If you are willing to take a risk on new, less experienced psychics, some of the rates are as low as $1.99 a minute. If they have positive reviews and seem like they fit your style, it might be a risk worth taking at that rate!


The screening process for is basically non-existent. While they are no longer accepting new readers, they built up their reader base without vetting the readers very much. This doesn’t mean there aren’t good readers, but it means more work for you. You have to take the time to carefully read through feedback on any reader that you are interested in to make sure that they are worth your time and money.

The other con of this system is that it has no video chat option. This is not uncommon for psychic websites, however, there are sites that do offer video chat and if you want it, it is not available here.

Conclusion is great for its sheer volume of readers. This volume gives you many specialty and price options, and constant availability. The biggest downside is that among this huge database, there is no quality control, so you have to individually go through reviews on your own and with a network this size, that can be overwhelming.