7 Steps to Creating a Crystal Grid

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Crystal grids are beautiful arrangements of crystals, organized mainly, with intent and purpose. Photos of these grids have gained popularity on Instagram, Pinterest, and other channels, and for good reason; the energy of the grids can be felt through the photos in their absolute artistry of organization.

But crystal grids also serve many purposes, and maybe you have been interested in creating your own, but didn’t know how. They can look intimidating, and a bit complicated. But fear not! With a little guidance, anyone can create a custom crystal grid for any purpose. Just read on.

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How to Create a Crystal Grid in 7 Steps

Crystal grids are beautiful arrangements of crystals that have been pieced together strategically. They have gained popular in lovely Instagram photographs and for a good reason; the energy of the grids can be felt through the photos in their absolute artistry of organization. But crystal grids can also serve a purpose, and maybe you have been interested in creating your own, but didn’t know how. They can be intimidating, and look kind of complicated. But no fear! With a little guidance, anyone can be shown the simple process of creating a crystal grid for any purpose.

What you need:

Choose your intention.

This can be anything, and it can be as vague or specific as you want. However, remember that if you want something specific you should not choose a more generic intention. For instance, if you want general prosperity but have no specific goals, prosperity is a fine intention. However, if you want a new job you need to focus on that, and if you want a specific new job, you should keep that specific job in mind. Your intention will help you choose what crystals to use. The more specific you get the larger amount of crystals you will need, as their collective energy will filter the general energy to a specific point; for instance, wanting a job as a teacher will include prosperity crystals, crystals specific to career and jobs, and crystals specific to learning and teaching or mental abilities. Setting your intention right lets you pick the right crystals for the job.

Choose a sacred geometry layout.

Don’t make things harder than they need to be; there are plenty of sacred geometry grid layouts available for free online to print, and there are fancier placemats, carved stone, and wood-burned ones available in online shops. The more specific your intention is, the larger you want your layout to be so you can add more layers of stones. Stones will be placed in the spots where lines connect, as the lines show you how the energy will eventually flow through the stones.

Choose your central crystal.

Generally, a tower, point, or pyramid is a particularly good option for this, as those tend to be the most strongly energy-generating shapes for crystals. This is because the point becomes a natural center to draw energy in, as well as a place for you to personally and naturally focus your energy. This stone should be as close to containing all the meanings and energies that you need for your intention. Using our teacher example, a stone that is both good for mental abilities and associated with prosperity is what you want to put in the center. The outer stones are for the options that are for one or the other.

Choose your outer crystals.

There are multiple layers to a crystal grid. You should alternate between two types of stones when you lay a grid: amplification stones and intention stones. The first ring around your central crystal should be amplification stones. These can be general amplification stones, such as clear quartz or selenite, that will magnify any energy put in. These can also be stones that intensify a specific energy, such as amethyst when you want to generate psychic energy.

The next layer of stones is intention stones. These are exactly what they sound like; they should mirror the intention of your center stone. They could be smaller versions of your center crystal, or other stones that represent the same things. For example, if your grid is for prosperity this can be stones like pyrite and if it is for grounding you might use black tourmaline.

Your grid can be as large as you want, but alternating these types of stones is the best way to enhance your intention and keep the energy flowing.

When creating a crystal grid, first cleanse your space.

Pick a space where you will be creating a crystal grid that will not be disturbed while it works its magic! Then, you need to clear the energy of the space so that it generates exactly what you want and doesn’t pick up and residue or baggage from the space.

There are a couple of ways to cleanse your space. One of the easiest ways is smoke cleansing. For this, buy a sage or palo santo stick and simple waft smoke around the whole room or area in which you are putting your crystal grid, imagining as you do the smoke taking all the energy in the air and dissolving it into nothing but smoke.

Charge central crystal.

This is the most important crystal and it will channel all the energy that is in your grid, so you have to make sure you charge and set the intention in it. Hold the crystal. Remember what you want, focus on the exact wording of what you want, and on things or words you associate with it. When you are fully calm and centered and this is the only thing on your mind imagine all of it pouring out of your hands in a bright light and into the central crystal.

Place central crystal and charge grid.

Place the crystal in your grid and visualize the white light following the connecting lines to the stones. If you have printed out or otherwise acquired an actual visual grid for these crystals, follow the lines provided for you and imagine them glowing and burning with energy. Do this until you see each crystal as full and bright.

When you have done all this and every stone is glowing brightly in your mind’s eye, you have a fully set up and charged custom crystal grid! Leave it for as long as you need to and remember to recharge it when you sense the energy has lowered. Other than keeping that in mind, you are good to go! Best of luck creating a crystal grid!

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