Common Psychic Scams to Avoid

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In this article we offer helpful tips & information that may help you steer clear of individuals who present themselves as real psychics, but may, in fact, be scammers.

As in every other walk of life, there are those who try to manipulate and take advantage of others, simply for personal gain. The psychic realm, unfortunately, is no different. Fake psychics and scammers are out there to prey upon the unsuspecting.

We invite you to read on and hope that you may find the information useful to you in your search for a psychic reading.

After all, isn’t it time you received some true psychic advice?

Psychic Scams Are Everywhere, Here Is How to Avoid Some of Them

Genuine psychics are wonderful people who share their gift with others. They bring joy, hope, spirituality, inspiration and more to millions. But as in all facets of life, there are those, such as fake psychics and psychic scams, that see nothing more than an opportunity to take advantage of the uninformed and try to separate them from their money. You need to be able to tell the difference between genuine psychics and frauds, and we are here to help. Here are some ways you can avoid scams and fakes.

Avoid “Upsellers”

One of the most obvious signs of a fake psychic is that they will keep trying to sell you more services. There are legitimate instances where additional time may be necessary to provide a more thorough psychic reading, but this is not what we are talking about. We are referring more to the “upsellers” who will try to convince you of a number of different things: One might be to try and convince you that you are cursed and that they can remove the curse for a fee. Or, they might indicate that there is money or love in your future, if only they encourage it with some sort of spell, often requiring additional funds.

While some psychics are experienced in spellwork, genuine psychics do not use a reading to try to make more profit. Rather, they will tell you the information they have and let you seek magical aid later if you so desire it. If somewhere during the reading the psychic is trying to sell you another service, run away!

Don’t Let Them Be Vague…

Frauds will do their best to say vague things that will always be true. The will barely describe any spirits they say they are connecting with. They will mention “a female in the family who passed”. Everyone has a female in the family who has passed. They will say “a celebration in the future”. Everyone has a holiday or a birthday coming.

While psychics cannot tell you completely perfectly specific things, they should have more information than that, such as something associated with the family member, whether they are paternal or maternal, or when the celebration is likely to come and something about what it is about. Ask them to be more specific if they are not giving you any real information.

…But Let Them Say “I Don’t Know”

Real psychics are secure in their abilities and will be able to say “I don’t know”. If you ask a question and the psychic flounders for some sort of response, they may not be as professional as you would like, or perhaps, even a fake. If they say they don’t know, this could be an actual sign of a genuine psychic.

Related to this is standing firm when you don’t understand how something relates to you. If you say something doesn’t make any sense and the psychic tries to find some way to make it work for you, then they may be a fraud. A real psychic will tell you that they are telling you what they sense, and it might make sense in the future, but they don’t know when or how.

Pay Attention to How Closely They Watch You

Take note if an online psychic appears to be paying a lot of attention to you. A lot of real psychics will not seem to look at you at all; because they are so focused on their reading. If a psychic appears to be observing you closely when you respond, it is possible they are watching your body language and trying to fish for information or clue to what makes you believe they are the real deal.

Do Not Give Away Information

When responding to what a phone or online psychic says, do not give away information. If they sense a spirit, do not say, “Oh, that’s grandma!” Fake psychics rely on this type of outburst and offering up of information. The more information you give the easier it is for them to continue the sham. A genuine psychic is there to give you information. They may ask if something makes sense to you before they continue, but they will not pry. You should answer them generally with “Yes”, “That makes sense”, “I don’t understand”, or “I know who that is”, but nothing more specific than that.

Don’t Fall into Traps of Fear or Excitement

A fake psychic will often end a reading by saying something very positive, or very negative, and telling you they can elaborate “next time”. Very reminiscent of a cliffhanger in your favorite television drama. This is a method of priming you to spend more money by starting another session with them. Good, professional, genuine psychics, like those at, pay attention to the amount of time you have in a session and will say what needs to be said within the confines of the session. They will not usually let you leave with something important hanging over your head. It is unprofessional even for a genuine psychic to do this. If you find that your phone psychic drops a big piece of information on you right at the end, don’t fall into the trap!

We wish you luck in your hunt for the best psychics!

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