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Oranum.com is an online directory of psychics that offers live video chat with readers, as well as your typical phone psychics. So if seeing who you are speaking with is important to you, then this may be a solution for you.

If history is important to you, then Oranum may not be your choice as they are a newer psychic network.

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Oranum.com is an online directory of psychics that offers live video chat with readers.


Oranum phone psychics and online psychics

One pro of this company is their unique “Rituals and Energy” category. This category, along with their “Healing” category, offers energy readings and healings, and rituals to cleanse you. These include chakra and crystal healings, among other things. This is a unique category, and if you feel overwhelmed with negative energy, this might be the place to go.

They also have stepped into the future and utilize webcams for their readings! Some other companies only offer telephone or chat, not giving you the opportunity to see your reader and connect on that level. Oranum allows you that intimacy.

Oranum is also unique in that you have an opportunity to consult with and talk to your reader before your actual reading. You can tell them what you will want and what you want to know about, and you can see if your personalities match up well before moving forward with the actual reading.


Oranum is a newer network, which means two things. One is that they have less experience in the business and they are less forward and present in terms of customer service, whereas other companies carry many guarantees to assist you. It also means that they have a smaller directory of readers, so you may not necessarily find what you want 24/7.

Oranum has a screening process, but it is a less stringent one than others as they are still building up their network. Their process provides you with some safety against terrible experiences, but you still need to make sure you check the readers’ reviews carefully as they will be the best way to find a quality reader.


Oranum is a newer psychic reading company and it shows, in good ways and not so good ones. They offer video chatting which is lacking from other, older services, and they offer new types of specialties like rituals and cleansing. However, they do not have the quality control and network size of some other services. It is definitely a good place to go so long as you are willing to read reviews.

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