Best Questions to Ask During a Psychic Reading

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After giving it some careful thought, you’ve decided you want to get a psychic reading. Great! Now the next question is… what questions do you ask?

This may be more important that you think. We all want to know about our love life, our family life, careers, finances, and so much more. And that is great, but you want to make sure you are satisfied at the end of your psychic reading.

So we have put together some thoughts that may help you choose the best questions to ask your psychic so you may have the best experience.

Isn’t it time you received some true psychic advice?

One of the determining factors for how satisfied you are with your psychic reading can be the questions you ask. You need to make sure you ask what you want to know so that you are satisfied, but you also need to give the psychic room to answer fully. Here are some of the best open-ended questions you can ask to get full and helpful responses.

What can you tell me about [love, career, family, etc.]?

Figure out what area of your life you most want to know about, because there may not be time to talk about everything, and the psychic can work better if they can really focus in on one area. This question lets them tell you anything at all that they see about the area, and gives them room to answer in ways that might surprise you. You can then focus in on something they bring up.

Am I on the right path in [love, career, family, etc.]?

This is a little more of a focused question but is good if you are concerned about something. While it’s a yes/no question, most psychics will not answer with a yes or no but rather with an impression of your position and what it looks like moving forward. They will be able to give you the information of where you are right and where you might want to change.

What is the state of my relationship with [love interest, family member, etc.]?

This is another more focused question, but it is open to allowing the psychic to answer in many ways. Pick the relationship you are most concerned with, again, because you might not have time to focus on too many. This question lets the psychic tell you your stance in the relationship, the other person’s stance, and how you are interacting and can give a full idea of what is going on and where you are heading.

What can you tell me about the spirits around me?

This question is only for psychic mediums, since they are the ones who can tap into spirits. This question is best to ask, because they will be able to give you some details about what they see. You want to make sure that you aren’t trying to ask about a specific spirit at first, but rather letting the psychic tap into what is around you. Once they give some response, you can begin to ask a more focused question but remember not to be leading! Ask, “Can you tell me more about him?” or “How old is he?” to start to narrow down who it might be, but don’t ask, “Is he my grandfather?”

What can I personally do to improve my life?

Psychics can see your psychic blocks and the difficulties you are encountering, and can often see what you need to do to overcome them. Asking this question lets the psychic look into your problems and see where you are having issues, even if you aren’t sure yourself. It is a great way to get some insight.

What from my past life is affecting me?

Not all psychics will be able to answer this question, but it is a powerful one for those who can. Our past lives impact us deeply, but we aren’t all tapped into those lives and can’t always see how they are affecting us. Finding out what may be troubling you, or what you can look toward as a strength are both great ways for you to improve this life based on your past.

The most important thing in a reading is to make sure you ask the questions you want the answer to. You need to go into the reading knowing what it is you want to know, and ready to guide the reading in that direction. Remember to prepare questions that don’t feed the psychic too much information, but rather guide them in the direction you want to go.

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