Are Psychics Real?

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Today we look to and answer the age-old question: “Are… Psychics… REAL?”

Maybe you were searching for that very answer and stumbled on to our blog. If that is the case, then you are by no means alone. This question has been asked millions of times over the years, and with good reason.

There are many who think that psychics are not real, and that psychics are just scammers looking to take advantage of individuals. While there are certainly many scammers who call themselves psychics, we want to focus on the positive and provide you with some insight that will help you determine your own answers.

So read on, follow the link below for the full blog post that answers the question: Are Psychics Real?

After all, isn’t it time you received some true psychic advice?

Psychics are becoming more and more prevalent, with celebrity psychics on TV and Hollywood psychics to the stars. The average person may consider going to a psychic at one point or another, but the question is: are psychics real?

Are There Real Psychics Available?

What is a psychic?

Are psychics real?First and foremost, we are here to say yes! Psychics are very real. But what does that actually mean? “Psychic” can be a vague and confusing word, and clarity will help us explain to you what real psychic ability is.

Psychic ability is an intuitive sense of certain truths. The way that this comes is varied. Some people are mediums, who speak to the spirit world. Some people are clairvoyant, meaning they have visions of images and symbols that are somehow a message. Some psychics use tools to channel their abilities, channeling knowledge through things like the tarot, rune casting, and crystal balls.

All of these are methods of reaching into a different layer of reality and discovering what there is to know there. This is a layer of our real world that everyone has access to. If you are skeptical, think of any time you’ve had a very strong sense something good will happen, or something bad will happen, for no good reason. Or, think of a time you knew before anyone else that someone was no good and a long time later turned out to be right.

These are your psychic sense. Some people have better eyesight than others; some people have better psychic “sight” than others.

There are good reasons to be skeptical. Not all psychics are real.

There are scammers out there. Because this is a sense a lot of people aren’t keyed into, there is not a lot to prove or disprove what a psychic says. People have taken advantage of this by providing vague, non-specific readings that will always come true in some way due to their non-specific nature, and then charging a lot for it.

However, we all know that someone imitating a doctor would not make all doctors frauds. So why do we think fraudulent psychics mean all psychics are frauds? Don’t discount the reality of psychics! Just always remember to do your research when it comes to finding psychics and psychic readings and use your own intuition.

Genuine psychics will tell you specific information.

They won’t be bothered when you tell them that a certain message doesn’t make sense to you, and they won’t push; they are confident enough in the reality of their abilities to say “well, that’s what I see” even if you don’t understand it. Genuine psychics pay more attention to their abilities than they do to you because they don’t need to focus on your body language to make things up. Genuine psychics are professional; they will tell you a message, but will not try to mother you or get involved with your feelings. They know they are not therapists, and that their job is to relay information.  And most important, genuine psychics will feel genuine. If it seems like a psychic is really resonating with you, it’s because they are!

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