A Brief History of Psychics

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Were you aware that psychics are known to have been around since ancient times? They have taken on many different forms, such as priests and priestesses, advisors to kings, sorcerers and so much more.

You probably do know that one of the most prolific psychics, or seers, of all time dates back to the 1500’s. And this was none other than Nostradamus.

In this article we present, for your consideration, a history on psychics, and how their roles have changed over the millennia. So read on, a lesson in psychic history may be just what you have been looking for, but didn’t know it.

After all, isn’t it time you received some true psychic advice?

How Far Back Do Pyschics Go?

Psychic techniques date back to ancient times. Divination was done in the ancient times for all sorts of reasons and in all sorts of ways. Some examples include the casting of lots, the sacrifice of animals and then divination based on their innards, and reading the patterns of birds. These are just a few of many methods that were used in ancient times.

Astrology is a well known ancient art that has risen again. Astrology looks to the stars at the time of birth to determine someone’s destiny. It also looks at how the sky changes in relation to the planet’s position at your time of birth to determine what times are best for important events, like weddings.

Psychics Are Special People

For a long time, psychics were special people, acting as priests and priestesses. Prophets of the Bible were advisers to kings. Psychics were thought to speak for gods; the oracle at Delphi spoke the messages of Apollo. These people were deeply honored and regarded highly.

The rise in Christianity caused a decrease in psychics; well, certainly there weren’t actually fewer, but they were less vocal! Psychics were associated with witchcraft and the devil, and therefore belief in psychics was suppressed.

Nostradamus - history of psychicsA very well known historical figure that is more recent (though certainly old!) is Nostradamus. He wrote a series of prophecies in the 1500s  that have been very famous, and many think that they have or are coming true. Though he was controversial, he was read by many of the elite and has been in publication for almost all the time since his prophecies were released.

The Rise of the Psychic

Psychics as we know them became more relevant as the spiritualist movement rose. The spiritualists were specifically deeply related to mediumship; they contacted the spirits of the dead. The spiritualist movement developed into the Theosophical society, a fascination with Eastern religions, and later the New Age movement. Psychics, as we know them today, came with the New Age movement and were popularized by paid services.

The Rise of the Fake Psychic

Unfortunately, with this rise, there were many people who took advantage of other people. Fake spiritualist mediums and fraudulent psychics became prevalent as people recognized the money that could be made in the “business”. These fakes have given psychics a bad name.

Nowadays, psychics are able to be seen on TV in many different shows. This both sensationalizes them, but also makes people more familiar with them. Many more people are familiar with what psychics do now and see them in action on reality shows and fiction alike. They are shown going to people’s homes and the strong reaction of the people who experience psychics is displayed for many people to see their power. There are history shows about figures like Nostradamus enumerating ways in which he may have been right about certain events.

Psychics are also becoming more present in police departments, as their skills are becoming valued. Belief in psychic abilities has risen again over time and now a large percentage of people have some level of belief in their abilities. Adding yet another chapter in the antiquity or history of psychics.

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