5 Steps to the Right Questions for a Tarot Card Reader

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So, you have decided to speak to a tarot card reader. That’s great!

Well we would like to help you make the best of your session. What questions will you ask? How detailed will you be? How practical are your questions?

We have created five tips that will help you ask the right kinds of questions when getting your tarot card reading. We think these tips will help ensure you have a great experience.

After all. Isn’t it time you received some True Psychic Advice?

Five Easy Ways to Correctly Ask Tarot Card Questions

When readying yourself to speak with a Tarot Card Reader, it is important that you make the best of your session. What questions will you ask? How detailed will you be? We have created five tips that will help you ask the right kinds of questions when getting your tarot card reading.

Avoid Yes or No Questions

The thing with the tarot is that it will generally not give you a yes or no answer. If you ask the tarot a yes or no question you are muddling the clarity of your communication with the tarot by asking for an answer it cannot give. These also aren’t very accurate readings. The Tarot tells you the outlook of the exact moment. If you ask “Will I get a promotion?” and one isn’t immediately coming your way, you’re going to be disappointed by a no. But this doesn’t give you a lot of information, and it doesn’t even mean there isn’t a promotion further along in your future. You have robbed the tarot of the opportunity to tell you what it can really tell you.

Make Your Questions Specific

If you want to know about a particular thing, and not just a general area of your life, you need to be clear in asking that question and putting that intent into the question. This means that, if you want to know generally about your job, you can ask “What can you tell me about my job?” But, if you are specifically holding onto hopes for a promotion, you need to ask about the promotion! That said:

Do Not Ask it to Predict the Future

This is another case of not asking what the tarot cannot answer. There are similar questions you can ask; what path am I currently on, where am I headed, how is my outlook? These questions keep in mind that the tarot is answering you in probabilities; you are probably heading this way, your outlook is generally positive. When you ask the tarot to predict the future exactly you set yourself up for disappointment.

Ask How to Improve Your Outlook

Hand in hand with future questions comes questions about what we can do. This, fortunately, is something the tarot excels at. Instead of asking what will happen, ask how you can improve the chance that it will happen, or what is currently blocking you from achieving that goal. The tarot card reader will give you guidance toward making the future that you desire.

Ask Your Tarot Card Reader Clarifying Questions

If the answer is confusing, you can ask questions about the answer. Just like any person would clarify, you can ask specific questions about the answer you have gotten to get more detailed information about your topic.

An Example:

The bad question: Will I get a promotion?

The better question(s): What is my outlook for my promotion? What can I do to improve my chances of getting a promotion? What is blocking me from getting my promotion? How can I overcome that blockage?

Follow this guide to better question-making and your relationship with your tarot card reader will become one of open communication and understanding instead of struggle and frustration. And even if you don’t read tarot cards for yourself, this helps your reader by saving them time in reformulating your questions and ensuring they know specifically what you want to ask. When you let the tarot speak more freely with better questions, you find the opportunity for reflection, revelation, and growth.

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