Basics of Dream Interpretation

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Do you remember your dreams? Have you ever wondered what those dreams meant?

We have all had dreams and woken up feeling, or knowing, that the dream was important, or that there was some message or sign in the dream. However, dream interpretation can be difficult. Here we will outline some basic principles that can help you learn to interpret your dreams. So take your time and read through them all.

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What Do Your Dreams Mean?

We have all had dreams and woken up feeling, knowing that the dream was important, that there was some message or sign in the dream. However, dream interpretation can be difficult. Here we will lay out some basics to help you learn to interpret your dreams.

Start a Dream Journal

You can’t just wait for the important dream to come and hope you remember the details; dream recall is a skill that must be trained like any other. Keep a notebook and pen next to your bed and as soon as you wake up try to write down as many details as you can. At first, you should make sure you write down all the important points first, but as you get better you want to try to make sure you are writing all details down, even those that don’t seem super important.

Identify Common Themes

Your dreams are a whole and interact with one and other. Because of this, it is useful to identify common themes across a variety of dreams. Think about the main topic of your dream, the main feelings of it, ideas that rise time and time again. This may include death, work, school, love, etc. Understanding the themes that are at stake will help you to understand the symbols that arrive in your dreams.

Identify Repeating Symbols

You should then identify specific objects and symbols that continue to come up time and time again. These are the important things that your dreams are trying to identify as important. These can be the exact thing that is important, or it can be something representative of what is important. Identify the symbols even if you don’t know what they refer to yet; if they keep recurring, they are important.

Identify Repeating Characters

Identify who comes up again and again in your dreams. These people may represent exactly the person they are, or they may represent something about the person that is important to you. Either way, the person is important.

What Do These Things Mean to You?

What do your dreams mean?Take your list of recurring symbols and characters, and refer to the themes. These symbols or characters may help you identify themes; if it includes someone who is passed and you see many skulls, likely death is a theme. However, if love is a theme and you see skulls, think of what it could mean in that context. Do not use a standard dream interpretation book; these are somewhat helpful sometimes, but what is most important is what the symbols mean to you personally in your life and experiences.


The final step is to integrate these things together, and it can be difficult. The best way to do this is to make sure you have everything written out: the dream itself, the themes you think are involved, and the symbols and people and what they mean to you. At this point, follow the events of the dream, and identify where the symbols come up, how you interact with them, what they do, etc. Following from beginning to the end of the dream will be the easiest way to do this; the dream is a story even if it doesn’t totally make sense, and at the end, you will know the message the story has for you.

Dream interpretation is a difficult skill to develop. However, your dreams can reveal important messages to you and identify things you need to do in your life before you consciously know about it. Speaking with a psychic about your dreams can be a great source of wisdom. Dream interpretation comes with practice, and if you want to do it, you can. Simply start writing your dreams down, and interpret and reinterpret until you begin to understand how your subconscious speaks to you.

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